Regulatory Bodies

Acronym Title Description
GDR Alberta Energy Regulator Ground Disturbance Requirments Purpose is to promote safe excavation regarding underground facilities. Edit Delete
IHSA IHSA Cor Healthy & Safety Health & Safety Standard Edit Delete
IHSA COR IHSA: Certificate of Recognition IHSA COR is being followed for TTC, Metrolinx, I/O and GTAA projects as well as seeing municipalities beginning to required it is a prerequisite for tenders. Edit Delete
OHSA & Reg Occupational Health and Safety Act and Construction Regulations “construction” includes erection, alteration, repair, dismantling, demolition, structural maintenance, painting, land clearing, earth moving, grading, excavating, trenching, digging, boring, drilling, blasting, or concreting, the installation of any machinery or plant, and any work or undertaking in connection with a project but does not include any work or undertaking underground in a mine; (“construction”) “constructor” means a person who undertakes a project for an owner and includes an owner who undertakes all or part of a project by himself or by more than one employer; (“constructeur”) Edit Delete
WSPC Workplace Safety & Prevention Services WSPC Edit Delete
212/2011 Workplace Safety And Health Act 212/2011 Edit Delete